About Us

MItchelson Fisheries Pty Ltd is a family run business, centrally located in the heart of the Ninty mile beach at Beautiful Lakes Entrance Victoria.


 Harry and Jennifer Mitchelson 4rd Generation and their Sons and Daughter represent the 5th Generations as one of the longest running fishing families in Victoria


 Catching primarily Sardines (Pilchards) and other pelaigic species such as Salmon, Mackerel, Sandy Sprat, Anchovy and white bait in the clean, cold waters of the Bass Straight.


Harry is mainly Shore based now and second eldest son Adam skippers the Maasbanker , a Purse Seiner while Stephen was skipper on the Hewardia an inshore Trawler catching mostly Prawn, Crabs and Belmain bugs.  but now is skipper of the Aquastrong a vessel used to catch Victorian Octopus. The youngest two of Harrys  boys Chris is shore based and Shaun has competed his skippers certificate is learning purse seine operations while working as deck hands on the Maasbanker.




Mitchelson fisheries Pty Ltd, distribute to various Markets in Australia and New Zealand. Including-


· Melbourne wholesale Fish Market and Sydney Fish Market with Fresh Fish and live octopus


· A wide range of wet and dry pet foods including ‘WHISKAS’


· Aquaculture feed for Southern Bluefin Tuna in Port Lincoln, South Australia.


· Cray Fish Bait for Southern Rock Lobster and Giant Crab in Port MacDonnell,

Portland, Apollo Bay and Tasmania,


· For 35 years we have supplied to RF Mclaughlin Juro- a family Bait and tackle

business in Moorabbin, providing them with Salted White & Blue Bait ,

IQF Pilchards and Fresh Frozen Glassies.


Mitchelson Fisheries transport and process their own products, and try to

use local and Australian and local suppliers when we possibly can.


Coming from a long line of commercial Fishermen Harry’s knowledge is well

respected amongst his peers,previously being on the board of Seafood industry

Victoria and  The Sand Management Technical Advisory Panel among his other










Mitchelson Fisheries Pty Ltd

Lakes Entrance, Victoria